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TextToImg allows you to create graphic text images for your website, using the graphic chart fonts provided by TextToImg. You can create and edit them with your text editor just like your content text or your HTML.

The text images use a very simple and easy to understand interface. The name of the images called on our servers describes everything. For more information, see the reference or try the creation form to see how it works.



Fast servers

We use a cache system to serve images faster and to reduce load on our machines. Your website visitors won't even notice you are using our service (apart from the graphic improvement...).

Gif, png and jpg

It is up to you. Your choice may depend on whether you want your image to be transparent or not:

  • gif allows one color to be transparent,
  • png allows alpha transparency on recent browsers,
  • jpg does not allow transparency

Transparency, shadows and more...

We manage transparency with the background. Be aware that not all image format or browsers support such transparency. Best results are achieved with png format on modern browsers.



Instant text graphics

Just call any image on TextToImg and it will be create instantantly.

URL interface

Very easy to understand interface: each image has its own name and address, which describes everything (see reference to learn how to construct the image URL)

No registration

Fast and efficiency again. Just call your image and that's it...

Free !

If you do not aggree with this, contact us and we can arrange a different aggreement for you... :)



Search Engine friendly

The name of each image contains its meaning as a text, which is then understandable by robots. So using TextToImg contributes to your site ranking.
For even better performance, you can choose to describe your image in the "alt" and "title" attributes too, as offered in our creation form.

HTTP friendly

Each image has its own URL with an image extension (.gif, .jpg or .png), and will be stored in the visitor browser cache, making the serving of your pages faster with less HTTP connections.

Lot of fonts

We are currently enlarging the number of fonts provided by TextToImg.


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