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Each TextToImg image has its own URL.

The URL format is the following:. 

Only the Text and the Extension are mandatory.
(ex.: <img src=" an example.png" />).

All the other variables have default values and can be ommissed as long as no variable is missing between the last variable used and the first one ("Text")

Default values are:

  • FontName : arial
  • FontSize : 16 (pt)
  • TextColor : #000000 (black)
  • BackgroundColor : #FFFFFF (white)
  • ShadowColor : #808080 (grey)
  • ShadowOffset : 0
  • ShadowBlur : off


Variables meaning and use are:

  • Text
    The text to display – Beware of accented characters as they may not be avalaible in the font you have chosen. Text is limited to 50 characters.
  • FontName
    The font name (see avalaible fonts)
    You can use our design form to get the name to use.
  • FontSize
    The size of the font used, expressed in points (pt) - from 4pt to 72pt
  • TextColor
    The color of the Text expressed in hexadecimal RGB and without any "#" character in front.
    (ex.: "FF0000" for red)
  • BackgroundColor
    The color of the Background expressed in hexadecimal RGB and without any "#" character in front.
    TextToImg provides transparency and alpha-transparency with the backgroud - but not all image formats or browsers do.
    That is the reason why we have include this parameter so you can tell TextToImg which color it has to blend the borders to.
  • ShadowColor
    The color of the Shadow expressed in hexadecimal RGB and without any "#" character in front.
  • ShadowOffset
    The offset in pixels of the Shadow - from -6 to 6, with 0 meaning "no shadow".
  • ShadowBlur
    If you tick this box, the shadow will be blurred.
  • Extension
    You can choose between the three most popular formats on the web.
    • Gif : convenient for this kind of images - has only one transparent color, so it is better for uniform backgrounds - supported by all browsers
    • Png : convenient for this kind of images - supports alpha transparency, so the image will correctly blend on a complex background - alpha transparency not supported on every browser (IE6)
    • Jpg : less convenient for this application, but still avalaible here - no transparency


Every thing is not crystal clear now ?  See some examples and the relating Urls.